Nova Express Cafe

public - created 12/22/04
Like a blinking pulsing spacecraft glowing with eerie luminescence through the steaming mists of a futuristic megalopolis, Nova Express beckons with voyage into the unknown.

The Nova Express is a state-of-the-art, earth-calibrated hyperdimension of nourishing food, musical amusement and thoughtforms from outerspace, all synergized to provide a delightful and luxurious sense of the mystery of life.

Visitors are invited to enjoy a delicious meal from an interplanetary menu of: Cosmic pizzas, galactic nutrinos (planet earth sandwiches), celestial salds, scrumptious munchies, appetizers, desserts, and a variety of liquid refreshments including: espresso drinks, fresh fruit smoothies, and wine and beer.

Open 7 nights from 7pm
M-T-W, 7pm to 2am
TH-F-S-S, 7pm to 4am

426 N. Fairfax Ave
323.658.7553 RSS Feed what is XML?
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